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CHRICED News<br /> CHRICED Launches Project To Track UBE Spending<br /> To ensure proper use of funds earmarked for the provision of Universal Basic Education in Kaduna State, a Civil Society Organization

Local Governance Development

CHRICED pushes the discourse on local governance by showing pathways through which citizens at the local level can influence the governance process to work in their interest


Watch CHRICED short video on The Problem of Maternal Mortality in Kano State Nigeria. Join CHRICED in the goal to rid Kano State of the Scourge of Maternity Mortality

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About Chriced

CHRICED envision a genuinely democratic Nigeria, and where the well-being of the vast majority of citizens is the central concern of both the government and the governed.

CHRICED is committed to the advancement of a democratic, representative, and inclusive political culture in Nigeria. The key vehicle of our philosophy is that civic education dissemination is cardinal to the empowerment of the citizens.

The Problem
Since the advent of Nigeria’s current democratic dispensation in 1999, citizens have struggled to get their voices heard in the political process. Read More

I’m a #GlobalCitizen & I want to see an end to hunger. 🇫🇷 @JY_LeDrian, 🇪🇺 @MimicaEU, 🇮🇪 @simoncoveney, 🇯🇵 @konotaromp will you act?

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